What happened to my city?

What is happening to Kelowna?

Businesses are moving from downtown because of ongoing homelessness issues involving street people.

Rutland has a very legitimate issue with the relocation of special housing. 

Every neighbourhood in the city has problems with illegal suites that cannot be controlled due to lack of manpower, and with boarding houses that can’t be controlled, Airbnbs that have popped up everywhere, and now we are solicited to rent our spare bedrooms for $650 a month by a company called Happipad.

Kelowna is providing a great way for individuals to make money without declaring it as income.

What was very recently a wonderful city and a very desirable place to live has become toxic and irreverent and no longer a safe and welcoming beacon for those looking for a better way of life.

Maybe there is an old Kelowna out there, but the city will have to pull up its boot straps big time.

Michael Henderson, Kelowna

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