Re-elected for what?

I was absolutely astounded to read Richard McAdam's letter and specifically his comment that "It is that positive message on behalf of Canadians, for Canadians, that got this government re-elected."

First of all, Trudeau got re-elected with about 33% of the popular vote. Andrew Scheer garnered more votes. Secondly, what positive message was delivered by Trudeau? It's OK to politically interfere in the judicial process in order to protect votes in Quebec?  

Trudeau vehemently denied any political interference, i.e he lied, but the Ethics Commissioner he appointed found that "the authority of the prime minister and his office was used to circumvent, undermine and ultimately attempt to discredit the decision of the director of public prosecutions as well as the authority of Ms. Wilson?Raybould as the Crown’s chief law officer."

What positive message can possibly be found in that is beyond me. It goes to the integrity of the individual, and obviously Trudeau has none. I'm not sure what that says about people who voted for him. 

Is buying votes by mortgaging our children's future to purportedly help the middle class really a positive message? In times when the economy is in relatively good shape, we should be running a surplus so that when the economy does turn down we can then borrow to inject into the economy.

Stephen Harper left Trudeau with a surplus. Based on the Liberal platform, we will now be running a deficit of $27 billion when their programs are put in place.

Remember, he committed to a surplus after fours years during the last election but the deficit is about $19 billion now. How large does the deficit get when we enter a recession ... maybe $50 or $60 billion or more?

And please explain how he cares about the West. Anytime a corporation announces job cuts in the East Mr. Dressup is right there saying he's got the workers' backs. When has he done that in the West? He hasn't because he doesn't care. When Encana announced a change of domicile to the U.S. from Canada he was silent.  Canada for Trudeau begins and ends at the Quebec border. He puts up with Ontario because he needs their votes. He doesn't care about the rest of Canada. He just cares about Quebec and Trudeau. 

Mr. McAdams refers to "Wexit" as being divisive rather than a unifying force. Trudeau is the divisive one.

Take a look at the electoral map. Not one Liberal elected between the Manitoba border and Vancouver. All ridings went Conservative except for two NDP after four years of an incompetent divisive Liberal government.

Tankers carrying Canadian oil are not allowed off the Northwest Coast, yet tankers carrying foreign oil from pretty disgusting regimes are allowed up the St. Lawrence and the Bay of Fundy. Quebec imports almost half the oil it uses from the U.S., takes equalization payments which are mostly from Alberta, yet there is no social licence for a pipeline through Quebec so they can consume more Alberta oil, and Alberta can export more oil to the rest of the world, which benefits all of Canada. Pipelines are a federal matter, and Prime Minister fancy socks does nothing because if he did what was right for the country, he would lose votes in his beloved Quebec. 

I see Prime Minster Groper just announced a new, expanded cabinet ... up to 37 now. We now have a minister of Middle Class Prosperity, which is exactly what we need to solve the unity crisis. 

It's very apparent that Trudeau is a phony and a fraud who lacks integrity, and I fail to see how reasonably intelligent people can't ascertain that. Warren Kinsella (who worked in the Chretien government) sums it up quite nicely: "He’s the scum of the Earth. He doesn’t deserve to be elected dogcatcher, let alone prime minister of a G7 country." 

Surely, Mr. McAdams wrote his letter after a trip to the local pot store and several samplings thereafter. At least I hope so.

Mark S. Bragagnolo, Calgary

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