Don't wait for US approval

What is the hold up with ending the archaic time change practice?

Polls show an overwhelming number of British Columbians want it stopped.

ICBC is losing money at a rate we cannot afford. Their stats show a 16% increase in crashes when the time is changed.  

Premier Horgan believes Canadians need the approval of Washington and Oregon states before any change in the status quo can enacted. Why?

We trade, deal, phone, travel to other provinces, states and countries that are on different time zones. Indeed, parts of this province are on MST with Alberta, not PST as is the rest of the province.

The main border crossings are open 24 hours, if that was an issue. Do what you were voted in for Mr. Horgan, look after the interests of all British Columbians, not a hand full of business people and their U.S. counterparts.

Peter Kane

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