Letter: Typical Kelowna

To the editor:

I agree with C.S. about the old K.S.S. site being an eyesore. But unfortunately this is typical Kelowna. A drive through many parts of town reveals unpainted broken down fences, yards full of junk and old cars, roads without curbs where weeds grow wild in the dirt alongside, houses that havent been painted for years with peeling paint, bushes and trees growing onto sidewalks impeding pedestrians, parts of downtown that have alleys full of discarded needles, broken bottles, old blankets and garbage strewn about and roads full of potholes. Not to long ago it took a lot of complaining by neighbours in one Rutland area to clean up a house that had accumulated a massive amount of junk.

Of course there are beautiful, well maintained neighbourhoods but still, some of the older parts of Kelowna have turned into an ugly eyesore and the former K.S.S. site is just a good example of a City Council who likes to ignore these kinds of issues. The city should take some responsibility with this problem and all the others and order a big cleanup of this town which is starting to have some really ugly areas.


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