Union went too far

I am no longer able to hold my tongue on the matter of the sad situation at the Vernon Fire Department.

As a taxpayer and citizen of Vernon, I am appalled at the current situation where the firefighters union has gone to such lengths to protect two individuals who have such poor sense of right and wrong that they believe they are not subject to termination for exercising their carnal desires in the fire chief's office.

Unions have a place in ensuring that their members are represented to management in a fair manner. This debacle is fair to no one, least of all the fine members of the fire department, City of Vernon management and the citizenry of Vernon.

To back these individuals to the degree that the union has is simply bad judgment and, in my my mind, inexcusable.

Unions must have good judgment as to when to throw in the towel for the greater good of their membership.

Jeff Moore, Vernon

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