Invest in Canadian industry

Exxon Mobil is the most profitable oil energy corporation in the western world.

Their key competitive advantage is proximity. They had the smarts to locate their refineries near their oil wells. They don’t send their unrefined products to other places to be refined. They pipe refined, high-value petroleum products through pipelines (some of which they own) for further distribution to domestic consumers. 

And they make lots of money.

The current Alberta strategy is a complete opposite to this successful business model.

Alberta wants to send unrefined bitumen many miles away, through contested pipelines, to be refined outside of Canada and then have the refined products imported back to Canada. That is the basis of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion plan.

This is a competitive disadvantage for Alberta and Canada. 

Let’s do the bold but competitive initiative. Let’s refine it where we mine it, in Alberta. Let’s invest in Canadians to do the refining. We have the talent and resources to do this. 

Let’s invest in Canadians. Canada Can.

Steve Burke?, West Kelowna

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