Clean up after yourself

I understand the idea of giving clean needles to street drug users. The goal is for them not to share their needles, and limit the possibility of one user with a disease spreading it to others.

But, we are now finding used, uncapped needles in parks, at beaches and worst of all, on school grounds.

Because these users feel no responsibility to clean up after themselves and know they can just go grab another handful of free needles, the used ones litter our city.

How is it so important to protect the users from themselves, but it is OK to put innocent children at risk of stepping on a dirty needle at a park or school playground?

Places like The Foundry have boxes of new needles that users can take handfuls of, with no one keeping track of how many go where.

This problem is easily fixed. If someone wants a clean needle, they bring in their used, capped one for an exchange.

Why are we putting our public, and our children at risk for a small population of users that do not care about our health and safety?

If users and their “services” would like any respect from our community, they must clean up after themselves.

D. Kangjorn, Kelowna

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