Don't like it? Move along

I brought my child to the drag queen story hour, and it was a big hit.

Lots of families enjoyed their time there. It was crowded, and we couldn't even find a good spot to sit.

Freida Whales was funny and entertaining, and a good story teller. I prefer her over an unengaging "normal" person tell my child a story.

There was even a boy dressed up as a princess. How would letter writer Sharri Gibbons describe that boy? Perverse? A disappointment?

It is "disheartening" to call an innocent human those words, whether they are a child or a drag queen.

These story times are scheduled way ahead of time, and if you find it so offensive, then go to the library at a different time. If it's against your religion, then don't practice drag, but why should that prevent anyone else from dressing in drag?

Your own religion should not dictate what everyone else does. So move along.

Vicky Tran

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