Forestry crash no surprise

As a tax-paying citizen, I am writing about all the complaining about forestry job losses.

Why does this now, after 40 years of inaction by any government, come as a surprise? 

There are forestry acts (Private Managed Forests Lands Act, Forest and Range Practices Act) and regulations that have done nothing for us citizens.They have done nothing to save our watersheds from clear cutting that is decimating many drinking water watersheds across this province.

The lack of regulations to control corporate forestry practices has left us all screaming for our forests to be saved, screaming for our wildlife to be saved, screaming for the streams where the salmon spawn to be saved, screaming for our drinking water sources to be saved. 

While I feel empathy for the forest reliant communities, they, along with the loggers and the fallers, knew this was coming.

The lost jobs need to encompass retraining in renewable resources.

Our forests as we knew them are not renewable. Our drinking water watersheds are not renewable, our wildlife that is going extinct is not renewable. Jobs are!

June Ross

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