Opinions on 'brownface'

Call it what you want, he has displayed racist dress-up clothes and mockery of marginalized people and tried to brush it off as a thing he's so sorry for. Judge him as you will on election day. Not exactly as he's portrayed in the public persona he shows vs. how he acts in private. 

Tatiana Hill

I'm somewhat surprised there was no mention of where Trudeau's right hand is placed on the young lady in front of him. Is it his now wife, Sophie? Or someone else? To be fair though, let's make sure that every old photo of every single politician is dug up before the election is over with. I'm sure a great many of them have made mistakes in their past. Haven't we all?

David Elkjar

Would never, have never, voted for him. At 29, he should have had more brains.
He is just too willing to spend our money, not his, for the wrong reasons.

Andre Chequer

A tempest in a teapot. It was part of the costume. This man is not a racist. Get on with important issues that matter to all.

Richard Smith

Mr. Trudeau's contention that he didn't realize that what he did was racist holds no water. Almost 70 years ago my mother warned me not to hold racist views. I remember going to a party in the 1970s, when one group came in blackface, and I was disgusted and shocked.

Doug Cruickshank

What I find equally disturbing is that as a teacher he was in a position of influence and power. How old were the women in that photograph? Were they his students? We need these questions answered. Also note needs to be made of where his hand is in the picture. Very close to the women's breast. As a woman, I find this disturbing.

Joy Bevan

I really think we are overdoing this racial thing. It's really sad when we in our own country are afraid to speak our thoughts, dress the way we want. There is no longer freedom of anything in Canada. Sure glad I grew up when I did because if not, my entire generation would be in jail, and my parents'.

M. Parker

It was a costume party! The time and energy being expended on this nonsense is unbelievable.

Dene Gray

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