Worried about election

With the provincial election of 2017, the BC Liberals had clearly won. 

With an election, you either win or you lose. That's it. The Liberals had won. 

Did the NDP and Green Party conspire to overthrow the governing party? Pretty much. 

Sounds like they are guilty of treason and conspiracy. Maybe not so much treason, because that falls under the betraying of one’s country and not at the provincial level, but it was against a government nonetheless.

There should be a law against two parties conspiring to take control of an election and then make the claim they are now the ones in power.    

Sure, being the opposition, the NDP and Greens could have joined forced to defeat proposed bills and legislation by the Liberals, and that is their right to do so. That is how politic works. 

But, why do our politics allow for two parties to to steal an election? 

So, after this scam has happened, I am very concerned about what is coming down the pike for our federal election next month.

Bill Ferguson

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