OK Falls is growing up

Re: incorporation of Okanagan Falls

This little gem in the South Okanagan is about to come of age. For years, OK Falls has been embarrassing and neglected, but things are about to change.

I recently attended an information meeting regarding the future of the community, organized by a very smart man, Matt Taylor. The consensus at the meeting was incorporation is long overdue.

Somethings I learned:

Keremeos (incorporated) has a population of approximately 1,300 but is serviced by five RCMP members. Okanagan Falls (unincorporated) has a combined population of 4,000 including Kaleden, Heritage Hills, Skaha Estates and OK Falls, but has 2.5 RCMP servicing the area.

Fully two-thirds of the tax revenue for a lot of really expensive homes in the area goes to Victoria, but only one-third comes back to the RDOS. If we were incorporated, that is reversed.

Many on fixed incomes will get nervous about property tax increases to fund a mayor and council, but there is much more than simply getting a better bang for our buck.

Government grants, where the money would go directly to the town. Better policing, faster decisions on town matters, and not having to go to area directors cap in hand every time we need something, such as a light-controlled crosswalk.

Matt is really trying to get things going and will soon ask for a committee to move things forward. Count me in.

Terry Feeny, Okanagan Falls

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