Don't be fooled twice

To spend or not to spend?

For the current federal government, that is not the question – it’s “let’s only tell them we’ll spend." 

I’m sure not a single thought has gone to who will actually do the work this sudden Liberal spending spree will require. We’re supposed to be close to full employment already, says our government. Over $12 billion promised in August alone, and just a few of weeks before our election — there’ll be a chicken in every pot!

I think Canadians are smarter than that. The last election was filled with Liberal promises of a utopian Canada.

A unified Canada where the government respects veterans, women, Indigenous, the provinces, transparency, a balancing of the budget, an equitable distribution of power through the voter, an economy based on our historical strengths, and a respected place on the world stage.... what happened to that? 

Those crazy promises only work once, so now they just promise cash. Lots of cash.... "We won’t tell them about taxes until we get in.” And they laughed. 

“We gave them pot.” And they laughed even harder.

Don’t be fooled twice.

Neil Stephenson, West Kelowna

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