A monumental betrayal

Re: Rutland supportive housing building

For democracies to work as they should, constituents vote for politicians who reflect their own thinking on issues. 

If an elected politician doesn't share these views, it is incumbent that they champion the viewpoint of the citizens who elected them, and not their own ideology.

It is a well known and an almost uncontested economic rule that what you incentivize, you will get more of. That is, welfare dependency, if made more attractive, becomes more popular. 

The economics are simple, if you reward enterprise, you get more of it. Reward drug addiction by adopting harm-reduction policy, building and giving addicts low-income housing for free ... and guess what happens? That's right, you get more of it!

What a monumental betrayal by Mayor Colin Basran and council by putting this supported housing unit in the middle of a residential neighbourhood against the wishes of the majority in the area. If the supportive housing unit must be built, the only fair place would be in a commercial/industrial area away from any existing residential areas.

Once elected, politicians' lefty ideology governs their actions. 

Remember Justin Trudeau telling us he would run a $10 billion deficit and have the budget balanced before the next election? Once elected, he abandoned his promises, and Canadians will get an estimated $100 billion added to the federal debt with no balanced budget in sight.  

John Marks

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