Egregious false statements

Reading BJ Edgington's factually challenge missive about Justin Trudeau, one harkens to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, when he said, "Amazing. Every word you just said was wrong."

I will start with the most egregious false statement, where he comments that the prime minister was not at the repatriation ceremony for our fallen soldiers. This is not an act of omission by Trudeau; it is federal government protocol that the Prime Minister of Canada does not attend repatriation ceremonies. No leader of our country has attended these solemn events, ever.

Trying to use dead soldiers as an attack is a disgusting smear attempt, and one that has no legitimate grounding.

Mr. Edgington seems to have a problem with Trudeau flying. He cites it three times. Yes, the Prime Minister of Canada has a job to do, and Canada is a large country, second-largest in the world. In order to make infrastructure investments and important policy announcements, he will have to fly to different parts of the country.

His role is not to be holed up in the PMO. After a decade of social and infrastructure deficits, these spending announcements are crucial for our economy and a signal that the government is involved in supporting the economy.

The record is fantastic: Canada presently has the lowest unemployment in 42 years, and the newly released figures from Stats Canada show that our economy grew by 3.7% in the last quarter, well ahead of forecasters' expectations.

Our debt-to-GDP ratio has gotten better each year because our economy is growing at a rate well ahead of most of our G7 peers. One final note on his travels and how they bring results: we have signed three major free trade deals in the past four years, ensuring more access and more markets for our goods and services. We are the only G7 country to have a free trade agreement in place with all other G7 nations. That is a record to be proud of.

Lastly, it seems that Mr. Edgington has succumbed to being a feminist-of-opportunity in talking about Jody Wilson-Raybould and the circumstances that led to her removal. Perhaps he should look at convention among cabinet members to learn why she was removed. Then he can take a look at the amazing women in cabinet such as Chrystia Freeland, Christine McKenna, Carolyn Bennett, Melanie Joly, Ginette Pettipas Taylor, Maryam Monsef, Patty Hajdu, and the amazing work that they are doing on behalf of all Canadians. 

There are, to be sure, legitimate criticisms of the prime minister over the past four years. No government is perfect, and better is always possible. It's unfortunate that Mr. Edgington can't be bothered to rely upon any of them to inspire a higher level of discussion with Canadians and the citizens of Kelowna who will be heading to the polls next month.

Richard McAdam, Kelowna

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