Taxpayers marginalized

A woman confined to a wheelchair recently fell while trying to navigate the poorly managed sidewalk system in Kelowna.

The city’s answer is to highlight the broken sidewalks with florescent paint – problem solved!

The carbon tax was created because of global warming issues. Part of the problem is created by excess idling from vehicles. The biggest culprit in the Okanagan is the massive traffic tie-ups. The city (finally) decided to add a third lane to Highway 97.

We all thought that would ease the issues ... well, silly us. They decided to put a HOV lane in to bugger things up on the wrong side of the road!

But, more and more electric cars are in use, and they can put a sticker on “allowing” them the right to get to work late by using yon HOV turtle lanes!

It turns out the biggest marginalized group in Kelowna is, after all, the taxpayers! The cost of living is increasing by 1.75%. We were initially told taxes would increase about three times the inflation rate. The ensuing howling got that reduced to merely double the inflation rate!

They patted themselves on the back for being so kind. 

Bob Johnston

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