RMS is a disgrace

Please add my name to the growing concern for the students and staff of Rutland Middle School.  

Over the past 30 years, I have had four children attend this school, and now grandchildren.

I was a member of the Ellison PAC, and we worked hard to get our children out of the portables and into a new school. It was so uplifting to the spirit of the school to have clean and modern surroundings.

And, now, I listen to the stories from my grandchildren of the portables and the declining health of the old structure at RMS.

When my grandson told me he had to hold one tap on to wash his hand and then switch to wash the other hand, my heart sank. They saw the shocked look on my face.

Then, more stories of what they live with for 10 months and the many hours a day.

Even if you never enter the school, all you have to do is drive by and see how the place is in need of attention. Please, Castanet, stay on this story.

Lane Kelter

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