A stronger moral compass

The ethics commissioner has found that Trudeau was in the wrong and guilty of everything that Jody Wison-Raybould claimed from the beginning in regards to the SNC-Lavalin affair.

Wilson-Raybould was first demoted and then when she refused to remain silent and brought evidence forward proving that Trudeau did attempt to interfere in justice, she was kicked out of the Liberal caucus.

Now that it has been officially found that she was doing the right thing and Trudeau was in the wrong, he should apologize to her and resign. 

Trudeau has said he won’t apologize for his actions as he was only trying to save Canadian jobs.

To hear the PM suggest that government should look the other way and not prosecute criminal activity if the party in question provides Canadian jobs is distressing.

Think of the employment created by those who traffic drugs. There are the importers, then the distributors, the low level dealers and on the other side, the police and prosecutors who attempt to apprehend and convict these criminals and, of course, it creates employment for defence attorneys, not to mention the added need of medical professionals to deal with the drug addicts created by this illegal industry.

Ridiculous, of course it is. But, where do you draw the line when our country's leader suggests that criminal activity is acceptable if it provides some Canadian jobs?

Instead of apologizing and showing remorse for his actions, he instead is now attempting to justify his unethical actions. Canadians deserve a leader with a stronger moral compass.

Give someone else a chance to show better leadership. Hopefully, Canadians buy into “Stand on guard for thee” in the coming election. 

Guy Bissonnette, Kelowna

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