Make Canada great again?

Has the Liberal government actually made Canada great again?

In four years, the Liberals have:

  • Fired two cabinet ministers for honestly reporting the PM’s criminal interference in the SNC-Lavalin investigation. Ethics commissioner ruled that he violated conflict of interest rules.
  • Withheld crucial information that would prove Vice Admiral Norman’s innocence, called him a traitor and attempted to ruin his life.
  • Welcomed barbaric ISIS fighters back to Canada. Paid four terrorists $10 million each and gave unsupervised day release to a terrorist who stabbed three Canadian soldiers.
  • Established one of the largest national tax increases in Canadian history to adversely affect low-income families while having virtually no impact on worldwide emissions.
  • Violated a promise to balance the budget, gave away $9.3 billion first year in office; placed refugees in military barracks and hotels for months at taxpayer expense; gave $700 million for abortions overseas, $200 million to Africa for climate change, and billions more, but no money for veterans. At a recent budget announcement by finance minister Bill Morneau, he projected budget shortfalls that could top $120 billion by 2022. Millennials, pull out your wallets!
  • Passed Bill C16, an act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code, to extend protection against hate propaganda (Non use of gender-neutral names or expression that may offend someone in regard to gender identity) that may put the “offender” in jail for his speech. Dangerously, it shuts down free speech.
  • Gave Liberal media $600 million, an effort to shut down opposition views.
  • Signed Canada to the UN Migration Pact, forcing Canadians to pay all costs for immigration/migration/illegal immigration to Canada without recourse.
  • Legalized pot for recreational use (emergency hospital visits with marijuana related symptoms in Colorado went from 84/yr in the pre-legal 2012 era to 500/yr in 2018. Ruined lives and increased hospital costs make it a colossal public-health blunder).
  • Enabled economic chaos by destroying the oil industry. Kevin O’Leary stated: “Trudeau is toxic … has placed unqualified people in cabinet who do not have the skills required to negotiate on the world stage. Canada is losing!” 

Garry Rayner, West Kelowna

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