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Re. FOR SALE – Zoned high density.

I was astounded to see the For Sale sign on the old RCMP site in downtown Kelowna.

Really – is this the best that City Hall can come up with? Is there no leadership or vision for utilizing this last remaining parcel of city-owned land in our civic centre?

The land is on the city’s books at a reduced 1960s value – it was sold by the Kelowna Saw Mill for the city’s use – hence the location of that era’s Community Theatre.

While It was not part of the 1946 Simpson Covenant, it is in a prime location and has such enormous potential to become a statement piece of architecture and a much-needed community amenity, on land the city already owns. 

I am astounded that City Hall is selling it (likely for a condo development) and has no aspirations for enhancing our community by finding a higher and better use for this unique parcel of land.

I’m sure I’m not alone in expecting more of our civic leaders!

Sharron Simpson, Kelowna

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