Build a pool, not a rink

Watching the Kin Racetrack being demolished was a hope that Vernon would see a pool finally come to life.

This does not seem to be the case. Instead, I have heard that the pool has been "put on ice." 

An outside rink ... really?

May I suggest those in favour go for a swim in our pool. Watch as toddlers and parents squeeze into the tiny area provided or try to breathe, with all the chlorine needed to keep such a confined space clean, you will choke out.

This cannot be good for lungs young or old.

Unfortunately, our lakes have endured flooding and E. coli, so those options are not always there nor do they help in winter.

Please reconsider the need for our young families and elderly to have a healthy place to exercise, learn how to swim and get out during those long winter months.

Skating is a wonderful recreation, but swimming is as well – except knowing how to swim may save a drowning in those summer months.

What do we want and need more? I don't think it will be more ice.

L. Hill, Vernon

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