Trudeau and his lies

Let's go back to the last election: first past the post is finished – a promise Trudeau didn't keep. 

Then, we have the SNC scandal. Trudeau says he did not pressure the attorney general to give SNC-Lavalin a pass to cheat and defraud. Deny, deny and more denials. 

Then, he hires former judge Anne McLellan to whitewash anything she can, using our tax dollars. 

The ethics commission reveals the fact that Trudeau broke the rules. He says, thanks, but I will decide what is right. Keep lying to us, and we can remember this at the fall election. 

Trudeau has been too close to Trump ... stupidity is contagious. 

This behaviour by the PMO is the reason Canada needs proportional representation in some form to prevent a prime minister having such powers to do whatever he feels his friends want him to. 

It is time for a change in Ottawa.  We need someone able to keep an eye on the crooks. 

Jorgen Hansen, Kelowna

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