An Airbnb 'nightmare'

Should Airbnb rentals be allowed in strictly residential areas, namely Osoyoos and/or Oliver, Penticton?

Having a previous residential property converted to a strictly Airbnb rental by an absentee homeowner is a detriment to the surrounding neighbourhood.

It is done soley as a cash grab, without consult or compassion for the surrounding homeowners, and should not be allowed in residential areas. That is the reason why hotels and motels exist.

The RDOS has bylaws governing this policy, but refuses to enforce them. In fact, one director stated they are good for the economy. Surrounding homeowners consider them a nightmare.

I am living next door to one in east Osoyoos. It was turned into a party house, and is continually being rented out to as many as 10 partying animals, many I would consider having chronic alcohol problems.

They are drunk as a skunk from 11 in the morning until 2:30 at night, with no respect for anyone.

I have written to the regional district several times, and spoken to our director, and was told "tourists spend lots of money."

Ron Tayfel

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