Don't judge book by cover

Re: the letter 'Why I’m voting Liberal'

I'm a pragmatic centrist, and I did vote NDP in the last provincial election. But, I asked myself what I could expect from a 19-year-old, third-party rookie MP. He's barely out of high school. What could he realistically accomplish?

I can't see him standing up to Andrew Scheer or Michelle Rempel. I don't think he could actually deliver anything to benefit his constituents in the Okanagan

This letter really got my attention. First of all, our youth are our future. Do not discount them because you feel they are too young! 

What can he realistically accomplish, you ask? If you never give him a chance, how will you ever know? 

He is most likely not rich, has new and fresh ideas to bring to government, is most likely fed up with the current situation and has the energy to get involved now and make a change for the better.

How do you know who he could and could not stand up to? Do you now him personally? 

We need fresh, new faces with new ideas in government. 

I agree on Stephen Fuhr. He is awesome and has been the very best MP we have ever had in Kelowna.

Before you judge someone, stop and think. Do not judge a book by its cover. 

Debbie Fortais

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