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Re: the letter 'Quit complaining already'

I’m not sure which planet Jesse Nicholson was writing from, but down here there is a problem with drug users (we don’t have a homeless problem, we have an out of control drug problem) and the politicians who think giving these people drugs, alcohol and a safe place to shoot up and crash after a night of pillaging the neighbourhood is going to solve all the problems.

Anyone who knows anything about addiction is well aware that abstinence is the only way to arrest this problem. Not helping addicts to continue the lifestyle with no incentive to change.

I have a feeling the letter writer has not been directly victimized by these poor, unfortunate souls – yet.

My fenced compound has been broken into (fence cut) four times, and my building has been sprayed yet again with graffiti. My painter and fence repair company are on speed dial these days.

But I am pleased to report that since the City of Kelowna has taken the forward step to provide security patrols along the Rail Trail, the fence cutting, vandalism, theft and graffiti has been cut down by 50% in the Enterprise Way area.

Terry Feeny

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