Yeah, I'm complaining...

Hey Jesse Nicholson...

I read your keyboard warrior rant "Quit complaining already." 

It seems a little like the pot calling the kettle black, no? I mean you seem to have quite a lot to complain about.

You're out of Vernon aren't you? But you want thousands of concerned families in a neighbouhood in Kelowna to sit down and be quiet about something that directly concerns them in their own community. These thousands of people have legitimate concerns and have stood up to voice them. It's exactly what an informed, concerned citizenry should be doing.

When is the last time you spent a night outside with nowhere to go, or volunteered at a clinic, or walked around town with a street nurse? 

It isn't that these concerned families don't have compassion for their fellow man or look down on those less fortunate than them. It's that they are genuinely concerned, and rightly so, about the effects of designating an area near their homes, near parks, near elementary schools for a facility that brings obvious issues to the community. 

And, by the way, using terms like "give your head a shake" only serves to make you look like someone who takes one perspective on an issue, and anyone who disagrees with your self righteous position is somehow stupid. 

I don't think your position is in any way "being part of the solution."

Peter Anderson

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