Why I'm not voting Liberal

I am a long-time small c conservative. In 2015, I was somewhat offended by Harper’s handling of several issues,  not the least of which was a certain senator. 

In any event, when the party leaders gave their televised election propaganda, I had to admit that Justin Trudeau seemed the most honest. He actually admitted his government would run a deficit versus the other leaders stating they would balance the budget (the NDP balancing the budget just didn’t seem right).

Although I wasn’t impressed with Justin’s “sunny ways” nonsense, his apparent honesty got my vote.

Fast forward to 2019. In the last four years, our deficit and subsequently debt has grown outrageously with no real plan to balance the budget or reduce our national debt. Our country’s leader has shown how underwhelming he can be (other than when he played Mr. Dressup in India). Unable to stand up to the Donald, except when the Donald has already left and is on Air Force One. Unable to stand up to China, but more than willing to show what a man he is when it comes to his turfed female ministers, who were two of his best cabinet members. 

And, let’s not forget his buying a pipeline, spending $4.5 billion and giving our money to a U.S. oil company. And then, to make matters worse, not getting the needed pipeline expansion built. 

I haven’t said anything about NAFTA, but come on, free trade and tariffs just don’t make sense.

The list of his non-accomplishments, broken promises, poor leadership goes on and on.  

I have nothing against our local member of Parliament, but sadly our government system is ruled by the party in power, and more so by that party’s leader. Sadly, Justin Trudeau is not the leader we need for this country.  

Whether Scheer, Singh or May are any better, I really don’t know, but we definitely need someone else in charge,  someone who will take the reins and stand up for Canada in the world and not just want to take selfies at every opportunity.

Malcolm Roberts, Kelowna

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