Go after the pushers

Is anybody wondering why drugs that are killing people and addicting even more are so readily available?

There is no deterrent to stop the suppliers and pushers.

The police arrest them, they appear before a judge, they are released on a promise to appear and are back on the street within hours, selling drugs again.

Our judicial system has gone to hell, and the lawmakers are either afraid to deal with it or the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is giving the felons more rights than the victims.

Why can't they sentence the drug pushers and makers to a prison and make them do work instead of sitting on their butt watching TV and doing nothing? I guess that would be considered cruel and inhumane punishment. 

The police must be so frustrated at seeing the same offenders on a regular basis.

There are needles and filth everywhere. 

City council has done well on the growth of Kelowna, but is way off base dealing with the drug and homeless problem.

Bob Harris, Kelowna

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