Heath House nightmare

Build a drug house and they will come.

My perspective as a Heath House neighbour is that Rutland had every reason to be in an uproar.

The Heath House debacle should be a lesson learned about how wet housing in residential areas affects the safety of citizens. The homeless have now arrived in droves and set up their "homes" within the surrounding three blocks. Why? Because that's where the drug activity is now, and what better place to find their next fix?

I am a single mother who is afraid to open my front door because I never know who/what I will find.

I leave for work in the mornings and see them tweaking on the sidewalk every day. I have to check for needles before I can mow my lawn. I have had confrontations with people trespassing on my property, including having a boulder thrown at me.

The Petro Can has lost my business because the homeless and addicted now live there. If I had any idea how negatively this was going to impact my neighbourhood, I would have sold my house before they moved them in. Who in their right mind would buy my place now? 

I'm all for transitional housing and giving the less fortunate a hand up. However, enabling the addicted is not the solution to the problem.

BC Housing and our government should be ashamed for introducing this mess, turning a blind eye and then building more of them. 

Lorelei Strand

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