Lakeshore barriers remain

There's only one major barrier to people trying to walk the lakeshore between Gyro and Rotary – two of Kelowna's most popular beaches. It's the broken-stone break-walls at three consecutive properties just north of Rotary Beach.

The great news is that all three of these parcels are currently available. The real-estate market has cooled, so they're relatively affordable, for now. The city has stated that it would buy properties like these, keep ownership of a narrow strip of land along the shore, then resell the remainder.

This sliver of public land would have a boardwalk installed to link the existing lakefront parks and beaches together. 

The bad news is that, so far, the city has refused to take advantage of this rare opportunity. City council has said it would open up our shore using this process – time for them to put words into action!

If you support this cost-effective way to increase public access to our lakefront, please email your thoughts to our mayor at [email protected].

Al Janusas, PLANKelowna

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