Thanks to petition signers

Spending the last two Sundays collecting signatures, I just wanted to thank the amazing people of Rutland for coming out and supporting what is important to this community.

I want to thank Audra Boudreau for her tenacity and dedication. I really hope you consider running for council as we obviously need more level-headed people in there.

Also to Marnie Janzen for overseeing the petition site at RSS – you rocked and are a great leader, from checking on the volunteers, being out there on the road to flag people in and collecting signatures.

Also a super huge high five to all the other volunteers who came out and didn't back down.

I grew up here and have always been proud to say I'm from Rutland. These past two weekends have opened my eyes immensely, and I can guarantee that city council will see a lot more voters out next election.

An addict seeks help when they hit rock bottom or when they actually want to get help ... wet facilities only enable them, as they soon realize taxpayers will pay their way while they continue with poor life choices. 

I spoke with a man who gave a woman a ride to the bank one day to cash her government cheque. She openly admitted she spends the full $740 on drugs because she is staying in a wet/dry facility and doesn't have to pay rent.

I was a single mom for 10 years. I almost always worked two jobs, went to school and never relied on government assistance. If I had the chance to get into low-income housing I would have jumped at the opportunity. I was lucky, I had two awesome families to help me with childcare and support me.  

I have the utmost compassion for the women who are out there now without any support.

Yet governments are still more concerned about the drug addicts than people who work hard and pay their taxes or seniors who have paid the same government their entire lives.

The system is failing the people who really need the help. Not to mention, when an addict does ask for help I've heard some are waiting almost six months.

T. Koebel

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