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Re: Rob Melle's letter 'Not feeling the passion'

I think you have the wrong approach to what a car show is. A car show is to show off your car. Period. 

Imagine if someone had said to you, the first year you went to a car show, that you weren't welcome because you didn't mod your car the same way they did.

I'm pretty sure that didn't happen, and that everyone was very welcoming and happy to have you join in. You had an opportunity to do the same, but went in a completely different direction and chastised them for being inferior to you.

Your passion is for modifying your car so that it's uniquely yours. That makes your passion unique also.

Other people are happy merely owning their car, and never mod them.

I mod mine, but never show them. Different strokes for different folks.

And I bet there was a number of "classic" cars there that were in un-modified form. If someone showed up in a brand new Ferrari, would you say the same thing? Or are you just unhappy with electric vehicles?

I trust that your attitude is also unique to you, so that I can continue to enjoy the Peach City Beach Cruise as a venue welcoming enthusiasts of all things automotive, rather than an exclusive clique. 

Bill Grigg, Kelowna

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