Hockey parent is angry

As a parent of a West Kelowna Minor Hockey player, I am livid with the owner of the West Kelowna Warriors.

If he had any sense of community, he would realize that by changing the nationally accepted game start time of 7 p.m. to 6 p.m. in hopes of gaining more family attendees, he will actually be losing current attendees.

WKMH players and their families make up the majority of the team's fan base.

His decision to change the start times potentially could eliminate 30 minor hockey player spots, leaving these kids with no place to play. 

The city needs to realize it holds the power in this scenario and should be bullish on the issue. The city owns the arena the Warriors play in. It should be dictating what ice time the Warriors get. 

Meanwhile, by no longer allowing the minor league to sell 50/50 tickets at Warriors home games, he has in turn reduced the league's operating budget by approximately $13,000 a year. All this, while he sponsors the very league that inevitably he is hurting.

Don't forget that less than 20 minutes away, WKMH families have another option on how to spend their hard earned money. 

Scott Koenig

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