Feeling for lost souls

The supportive housing planned for McCurdy and Rutland roads is not the only one slated for the area.

They are also proposing one at Mcintosh and Asher roads.

The fears are very much warranted. Talk to the girls that work at the A&W. They get threatened constantly.

The restaurant put in black lights in the washrooms so the drug addicted can't see their veins to shoot up. They had to cut down shrubs because of drug use. The PetroCan constantly has police there.

All of this has increased exponentially. 

This kind of supportive housing creates more headaches for everyone.

It would be better to have these people put into a recovery house. That is the only way they will get clean – but it has to be their choice. Until then, everything we do for them will not matter.

My heart feels for these lost souls, and I have tried helping some, but until they realize how destructive their lifestyle is they will keep taking advantage of others.

B. Brown

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