Disregard for concerns

Re: Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran's comment: How many children have died as a result of supportive housing?

This statement clearly shows city council's disregard for Rutland parents' concerns regarding the McCurdy supportive housing facility.

As a parent, you would think he would have a little empathy for parents' concerns over placing a wet facility next to schools.  

I ask, if this facility was being placed next to your child's school, how would you react?

Before labelling as us NIMBYs, do a little research.

They are placing the wet facility less than a block away from schools. Less than 600 metres from rec centres and the Boys & Girls Club.

We are not saying 'not in my neighbourhood' because we are against homelessness, that is not the case. Most of us want help for the homeless and addiction problem. 

What we really want safety for our children. We don't want to wait until a child is hurt before action is taken.

Child safety is everyone's responsibility.

Stephanie Robinson

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