Get rid of politicians?

Let's get rid of politicians.

The people we elect to do the needed work in our communities, but don’t necessarily do what is good for us.

I understand that we elect these people, and not everyone is going to agree on the results. However, it seems those who get elected are now simply ignoring the majority put them there.

Our city council seems to think that any neighbourhood they choose should be accepting of “wet” supportive housing with no input needed, and if the neighbours disagree, well they don’t understand the choice.

Provincially, the NDP/Greens ignore the 60% of British Columbians who support the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion because John Horgan doesn’t want it.

Federally, the Liberals just do whatever Justin Trudeau wants, forget the people of Canada who deserve so much more. 

So maybe let's just employ managers to take over these jobs. They could be paid huge salaries in place of all those politicians and hangers on, and maybe the local, provincial and countrywide voices might get better attention.   

It’ll never happen, but the political system as it stands is not doing its job. Sad.

Malcolm Roberts, Kelowna

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