Time to complain is now

Our illustrious leader Colin Basran famously said the time for complaining is over. 

I would argue the time for complaining has just begun. 

The complaints were at a dull roar when the community was opposing the dry facility that was initially proposed for the McCurdy site last year. The dust seemed to settle as plans for that fell away. Now, to hear that at the 11th hour our city council has approved a wet facility and is “disappointed” at the level of push back is frustrating.  

It seems to me the issue is not that we don’t want to support those who are less fortunate. The issue is that we think the dollars should be spent on rehabilitation programs and supports that would ensure the long-term success of the rehab process. A wet facility moves the problem behind a door and nothing more.  

In addition to that, the level of petty crime is steadily rising. The other night, we had a local resident have her car set on fire while she and her husband and baby were inside the home, sleeping. 

The owner of the torched vehicle feels this was in retaliation to her husband speaking out against this wet facility.  If that doesn’t ring alarm bells, then I can’t imagine anything will. MLA Norm Letnick’s office was vandalized the same night, after he spoke out in support of the residents opposing this facility.  

City council need to open their eyes and see that the dangers are real.

Tracey Bye

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