One party corrupt as next

Re: NDP didn't win

I just wanted to set the record straight about a couple of dirty dealings with government parties a few years ago. 

Gordon Campbell did not win the election either. he set up Glen Clark and accused him of corruption with a neighbour, thus Campbell was plopped in as premier.   

Clark did the honourable thing and stepped down during the investigation.

Campbell was caught drunk driving, but did not step down.

Clark was eventually found not guilty, but that wasn't front page news.

Because of all of their corruption and court cases, the Social Credit party morphed into Campbell's BC Liberals.

Despite scandals, Campbell still got a huge-paying, lovely appointment in England from Stephen Harper. Just because a party changes its name, doesn't mean the tiger changes his stripes.

Before anyone starts slamming other parties, maybe they should look in the mirror and do their homework.

Kerry Kozak, Peachland

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