Take responsibility for cats

The Regional District of Central Okanagan has again announced its zero tolerance policy for owners of unlicensed dogs. Their officers are patrolling dog parks, city parks and neighbourhoods issuing $300 tickets to any offending dog owner.

Why just dogs?  

I have, and I’m sure many others, far bigger problems with the multitude of neighbourhood cats. They wander my yard day and night at will, they crap in gardens, spray they’re scent everywhere, and kill every living thing they can.

Most are not fixed and continually add to the thousands of feral cats in the Okanagan. Just check with the BC SPCA, and you’ll quickly realize the enormity of the problem.

Why doesn’t the RDCO and City of Kelowna get their act together and begin licensing cats as well?  

And cat owners, please don’t lecture me with the excuse that cats are different and need to roam. It wasn’t that long ago that neighbourhood dogs were allowed to roam freely as well. 

It’s time cat owners took responsibility for their pets at all times, just like dog owners. 

Ian Palmer

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