Don't ban all campfires

I camp, and I love a fire. Over the years, I have put out numerous carelessly abandoned campfires.

Once, with the words "Put your @#@&^%$ campfire out” solidly written with a charcoal stick across a trailer at Mabel Lake.

Then there was the young Albertan couple at Revelstoke Lake who met the wrath of an irate British Columbian after leaving a campfire burning ... “I’m going to call the police” she said. I welcomed it.

There have been more, but the perpetrators had long left their smouldering fires behind. Not to mention numerous situations with people tossing cigarette butts out their windows.

These people I think now will be somewhat more attentive with their fires and butts.
Campfires do not start forest fires, idiots start forest fires. Much the same as guns don’t kill people, people do.
I need a fire to cook dinner when we motorbike camp. Trailer camping, the barbecue is fine and the propane campfire does the trick. 
What is needed is education and enforcement.

L. Merchant

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