Homeless have rights, too

People are upset about Penticton's sidewalk sitting bylaw because it is against the charter of rights that protect us all – not just those who "deserve" protection, but all of us.

So, if this bylaw is OK, what about those with "nasty" tattoos or lots of piercings, or the LGBTQ? Who is to say that 10 years from now bylaws won't be created to ban them? Laws are supposed to protect all people, not just those you find acceptable. 

It is a slippery slope, and I for one will not stand by and keep quiet.

No one sets out with the goal of becoming homeless. As a society, we have enabled governments and policies that created these problems. It is our responsibility to find viable solutions, not hurtful, shameful and illegal ones.

I am hoping someone purposely forces the city to enforce this bylaw so they can take them to court and have the whole thing overturned.

The problem with vagrants, homelessness, drug use and the like is that all have their beginnings in bad government policies. They have forced the mentally ill onto the streets, created a housing market that only the rich can afford.

I see the problems the homelessness issue causes, and I can understand why people are concerned. But this is not the way to fix the problem, it just creates a new one.

Shame on you.

D. McIntyre

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