Housing project horror story

Since the two supportive housing facilities opened within 1,000 yards of Mills Road, things have changed.

Drug deals take place across the street. It is OK to use in a wet house, but you can’t have drugs delivered to the property. I have seen overdoses, discarded needles and prostitution from my front window.

Addicts wander up and down the street with nothing, and then we see them riding bicycles, chopping and repainting them, and dragging loaded shopping carts.

I have seen a numbered company purchase the home of a deceased neighbour and let it become so neglected that it shows they want no part of being a good neighbour. Addicts are using it as a hideaway and not caring what damage they do. They leave carts and trash from one end of our street to the other.

I have confronted many, and we now have a target on our backs because we care about our home and our street. Apparently, police receive over 100 calls regarding illicit behaviour on our street weekly.

I want to make it clear that this is not a ‘not in my backyard’ issue. I truly believe that we need to help those who require it.  

With that being said, these two facilities were supposed to be self-policing.

We were told that these facilities are only being built in areas that have the resources to support them. The only things around these facilities are hotels, a liquor store, a few restaurants and the homes of hard-working individuals.

This is not working. These places are only ‘transition’ in name. We see no incentive to become a functioning member of society.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, how are we supposed to see it as a moose?

Those concerned about the project on Agassiz Road should take a minute and drive by the garbage dump the mayor and council sent our way.

Mike Craigdallie, Kelowna

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