Rutland overlooked again

Re: Christine Romanow's letter on Rutland May Days, 'Not what it used to be' 

I totally agree. Rutland May Days used to be terrific, lots to do and good entertainment.

What happened? Kelowna took over Rutland, and from then on things have gone downhill.

Kelowna has always had overpaid mayors and councils – such a cliquey bunch of fools.

Just look at Kelowna's road system and shopping centre locations. Who ever decided the best place for a tourist booth is on the beach Try and get your motorhome there – it’s a joke.

Staff just want a terrific place to work. They don’t care about convenience or ease of access.

Basran like most previous mayors, has too much money and not enough smarts – and what a cry baby. Always looking for sympathy

Well, listen to your taxpayers, and if they say they don’t want it in their backyard, then listen. Put it in your neighbourhood, if you think it's so right. 

Darrel Miychell

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