Too many fatal crashes

Let's add up the Highway 97 fatalities over the years in West Kelowna.

One young male driver in a pickup by Glenrosa Road.

One female told to be safe waiting in a police vehicle by Powers Creek.

One male pedestrian crossing mid-block by Butt Road.

Two separate crashes killed two female drivers at Grizzly Road.

One young male motorcycle driver at Daimler Road.

One female passenger killed at Bartley Road.

One pregnant woman's baby at Ross Road.

One young native male driver at Westlake Road.

One male cyclist at Campbell Road.

That is 10, and I might have missed one or two others. And the injured, well that is another matter.

We are always told the roads are safe, so it must be another reason for this carnage and death. But has anyone noticed that it still goes on?

Dave Ogilvie, West Kelowna

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