Eyesore refuses to leave

How is it that someone who works hard and pays their taxes and associated bills has no rights, and someone who lives in a RV that is glued together with duct tape and has no insurance on the vehicle can just park it anywhere within Okanagan Falls city limits?

Along with the questionable goings on that happen around it and the poor dog that is tied up on a rope in the heat with no water. Where is the waste going? Into the creek, I guess. 

No one seems willing or able to move him out of the city limits, he just moves a couple blocks from the last spot.

The RDOS has been informed, RCMP have been informed, conservation officers have been informed.

Welcome to "Super Natural BC," maybe it’s time to clean up or we won't be getting too many tourists after they see this kind of thing.  

Maybe bylaw officers could start looking at all the unsightly properties in the area.

S. Sarada, Okanagan Falls

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