Another smokey summer

Again people are being careless, smokers especially. When you see the fires that have started already this year it is just scary. When I see a smoker walking down a street or path I would love to say please put out your smoke carefully. Although that would probable cause me to get beat up these days. 

Both of these fires in our district started very close to a highway. Guess what someone flicked it out their window without even a thought that maybe it could cause a fire. I work in the hotel industry and people just butt their smokes right on the pavement without even thinking. If they do it on pavement they will do it anywhere they please.  

I also think they should ban everyone from going into the woods for camping. Leaving fires unattended it just not giving a hoot about our environment. It is time to wake up and start being more careful out there. 

I really don't want another smoke filled summer.  

Beth Lukin

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