A Story of thankfulness

It was Friday, May 10th, my husband and I were enjoying a motorcycle ride from Sicamous to Silver Star.

We returned to Vernon Walmart parking lot to pick up a few items of food. As I was rearranging my saddlebags, I placed my purse on the seat of my bike and I didn't notice that it had slipped off and fallen to the ground. We drove off toward home enjoying the day until arriving at the gas station in Armstrong. The realization that I did not have my purse hit me like a ton of bricks! Overwhelming panic! My life is in that purse! That beautiful day turned into black clouds, I was devastated.

Returning to the parking lot as fast as we could only confirmed my worst fears. The purse was nowhere to be found! Those black clouds however came with a silver lining.There are good people in this world, my deepest heartfelt thanks go to the person or persons who found my purse and turned it in to the RCMP. Where ever you are I am forever grateful and thankful!

Thank you so much.

Sonnia Emm

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