Stop whining about gas

I can’t for the life of me understand why people are still crying and complaining about gas prices. I have said for years that we should do an organized boycott but the naysayers say that a boycott won’t work.

It absolutely would work if we picked two or three retailers and boycotted them completely not even buying a pack of cigarettes or a bag of chips from them. Soon they would be in serious trouble and the gas companies would have to bail them out or they would go under. You do this to two or three retailers, then pick a couple more and keep rotating eventually the retailers are going to get a little nervous wondering if they are next and put some pressure on the big companies to help them out. Do you think the oil companies will just let one retailer after another go under. No, sure they might increase prices to cover it in the short term but trust me this would eventually make a difference and how hard is that to do but most Canadians are either complacent or so self absorbed they would rather just whine about it than do something productive about it.

Forget about government help it is way too lucrative for them and of course there is the “revenue neutral” carbon tax (if you believe that well...) It’s never going to happen on it’s own, why would it, would you voluntarily give up some salary because someone thought you made too much, not likely. So let’s quit crying about something we are never going to change. I decided to buy some gas stock so when gas goes up my stock goes up, if the price of the stock goes down gas at the pump goes down and I pay less to fill up. It’s kind of a win-win because obviously “boycott” is not in the vocabulary of Canadians.

Ken Quesnel

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