No sitting given thought?

I really have to wonder what actual thought went into this idea? It seems more of flight of fancy than a serious thought. How will they enforce this? As it stands now they can't even enforce most of the bylaws currently, in a timely manner. Are they going to station a bylaw officer to patrol the streets for this very purpose?

This has to be one of silliest bylaws yet to come out of a municipal office. I think this highlights even more how out of touch the towns staff are with the town itself. This should not have even made it to this stage and should have been looked and promptly put right into the trash, while laughing at it. I mean lets look at panhandling and loitering historically it has happened in every city for the last 2000 years and Penticton is going to solve this issue?

It is absolutely absurd and shows no thought has gone into this at all.

Shawn Hathaway

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