Driven to distraction

Re: the story Earbuds land driver ticket

OK, you know things are beyond ridiculous when ... two hands on the wheel, eyes on the road, and “here is your distracted driving ticket, sir."   

This is right up there with spilling coffee on yourself and suing because it is hot. Words just simply cannot describe someone who is so lost on common sense.  

Riddle me this: I’m in my car, the car is in drive, I’m stopped. I reach out the window to grab a bag of food with one of my hands. Yes, only one hand on the wheel and my eyes are off the road, I pull the bag in the window, place it on the seat beside me.

God forbid I stick a hot French fry in my mouth. 

Can you imagine driving, looking down at your radio, tuning it with one hand off the wheel? That would be going just way too far, folks.

I just love how so many distracted driving tickets are handed out to people stopped at a red light. Yes, I know someone driving through the opposing green might get in an accident, launch his car in the air right towards you and in that fleeting moment, because you were NOT distracted, you shoulder checked, switched lanes and avoided imminent death by flying car. I mean that could happen, right?

When was the last time someone caused a serious accident or death stopped at a red light looking at the radio?  How about their device?  

OK, I’m not a fan of missing the left-turn green because the person in front of me had to text 'What about pizza?’ ... but really, that is what my horn is for. Believe me, it works great.  

Can we refocus our hard-earned tax money on policing of things like murder, theft, or what about the panhandler standing under the sign that says: City Bylaw 123, No Panhandling allowed? 

Put me in a coma and wake me up when autonomous driving cars are everywhere, so I can sit back and be distracted by my French fries.

Chris Frey

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